Tote bag assignment upload (20 points)

Completed your tote bag with an inside zip pocket? Use this page to upload images of your finished bag. You can only upload ONE image, so please add your multiple pictures to a word document, PowerPoint or similar platform and upload it onto this website. Please send images of the following:

  • The front of your tote bag
  • Your tote bag inside out
  • A close up of the inside pocket
  • A close up of the straps

Once you have taken a picture of your tote bag, please put your tote bag in an A4 envelope or letterbox-shaped box. Our letterbox is 38x9cm, you can see where it is positioned in the image below. Label it with your name and address and drop it off at our studio at 210-212 Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey, London SE16 3RX.

You will be awarded up to 20 points. You will receive your results and feedback by the end of April. You can donate your totebag or drawstring, which will be used to support a local charity or non-profit, or you can collect your bag. It is important that you label your project.

Deadline: Friday 9th April 2021
Please call us on 0203 924 7630 if you need help.