Lunchtime talk with Rachel from Veryldesigns

At lunchtime on Tuesday 20th April, Almond Studio had a conversation with Rachel Bashabe, founder of Veryldesigns to talk about her journey. Rewatch the inspiring chat below. Rachel is the founder of Veryldesigns, a fashion online store that specialises in creating and selling bold print African fashion that’s aimed at showcasing the beauty of bold prints as well as challenging women to step in confidence with styles that are modern, classy and very eye-catching.

Veryldesigns is a slow fashion brand, focusing on creating pieces that can be repurposed and multi-styled. All pieces are sourced sustainably in Uganda and handmade by Rachel and a group of tailors in Uganda hence why they produce a few styles at a time with limited quantities.

In this open and inspiring talk, we discuss being a self-taught designer and sewing tips; the process of going from hobby to business; sourcing ethically and building a team back home in Uganda; starting a brand following health battles and balancing life as a small brand. Plus some of the exciting milestones she’s experienced including deals with big brands!

Rachel is based in South London and we asked her to share a few interesting things about herself before the lunchtime talk and this is what she shared with us:

“I was born and raised in Uganda and moved to London at 19 years old. I used to work in corporate finance before falling ill and having to be indefinitely signed off work and that led to Veryldesigns”

“I never knew how to sew, never been fashion school so I learned from scratch and now have a successful brand going into big stores like John Lewis”

“I suffer from a variety of long-term medical issues and now I have learned how to navigate my disability with work.”

“I love to give back to the community and mentor others”


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